We are Projek ai

Automation and integration one projek at a time

Ben Gil


Chief of Business Development
With a background in corporate FP&A, cost management, operations and Austin  start-ups, Ben brings a cost-conscious, ROI-focused approach to every Projek.

Zachary Carrillo

Certified AI Trainer

Collin Carrillo

Certfied AI Trainer

Steve Sierra


An entrepreneur with a passion for life, Steve brings that spirit and energy to his work and the Projek.ai team everyday. 

Businesses considering AI for support chat have many options – how do I get started? That’s what Steve asked himself when faced with his first challenge to control support costs at Silvercar by Audi. Projek.ai represents a chance to share his knowledge gained in rule-based and conversational AI implementation and to ultimately help you to love your chat.

Good Business with Cool People, One Projek at a Time.